Sport Ready will help you create long-term excellence by providing you with a professional support team. The level of competition has increased and sport specialization is occurring at younger ages, with the "more is better" philosophy taking over evidence-based training.

Are your athletes ready to compete?   Do you have your full roster ready to perform at their peak?  Are you dealing with athletes who are fatigued, injured, or burned out?

How Sport Ready Can Support Coaches

Our Tools and Services

Athlete Management System

An online sports-science tool. Used by Olympic and elite coaches to unlock greatness in their athletes. Monitor athletes workload, performance, and well-being.

Virtual Training Room

Provide a medical support team for your athletes and their parents.  Each team will have their own Athletic Trainer and Sports Physical Therapist.  Your club will have an Orthopedic Surgeon.  We will work together to keep your athletes in the game, sport ready.

Speed and Agility

More is not better.  Training with the best is better.  Knowing when to train and how to train to reach peak performance is a science.  With Pendleton Performance you will be trained by those with the education and experience to get you where you want to go.

Coaches Workshop

Coaching within the Current Youth Sports Structure:  A Scientific Approach. Periodization and workload management basics for youth development and injury prevention.

Data Analysis

An online tool.  Provide a support staff for your coaches and teams. We analyze your athletes wellness, workload, and freshness index.  We track injuries.  Coaches can coach and athletes train and compete with decreased injury and burnout rates.

FieldWiz GPS Sensor

FieldWiz is the smallest and lightest all-in-one sensor that allows you to measure your team’s performance and gather reliable data during games or trainings to make informed decisions and improve your strategy.